Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • When the photographic process was first invented in France it was nothing short of a miracle.
  • This year the theme of World Photography Day is Landscapes.

World Photography Day is celebrated every year on August 19. Today photography technology and skills have come a long way from the days when it was invented for the first time. Gone are those big cameras and equipment required to take the perfect photograph. Now good photography is possible even by using the camera of a small mobile phone.

But when it was first invented in France, it was nothing short of a miracle and hence this invention was called “a gift to the world.” World Photography Day is celebrated to remember and pay homage to the inventors of the earliest form of the photographic process in 1937 - Joseph Nicephore Nicepce and Louis Daguerre.

Today photography has become a major form of art and creativity and over the years many different types of photographic processes have evolved. But the path was shown by the process developed by Daugerre and the team. The French Academy of Sciences officially endorsed this invention on January 9, 1839, and then purchased its patent on August 19 of the same year.

When was World Photography Day started?

The initiative for celebrating this day started through the efforts of Australian photographers Tim Harvey and Korske Ara on August 19, 2010. On this day, the first online global gallery was hosted with over 270 photographers from around the world sharing their photos in the gallery. Hundreds of photography enthusiasts from more than 100 countries visited this official website making the first World Photography Day a big success.

Since then, August 19 is celebrated as World Photography Day. The aim of this celebration was to encourage those interested in photography to share with the world what they have caught through the lens so that it can reach the best names in the photography business and gain appreciation.

The effort also intended to showcase the talent of photographers and also how it is possible to make an impact on society through photography. Every year a new theme is decided so that photographers can share their photographs accordingly on the official website.

The theme for the World Photography Day 2023 is Landscapes.