Pradeep Pattanayak

He is an M.Tech degree holder and a gifted artist into the bargain. He is Narayan Prusty of Mendhakhai area under Udala NAC of Mayurbhanj district. 

If you happen to visit him, you are for sure to be taken aback to see his artworks which consists of several types of art like landscapes, Gods, Goddesses, abstracts etc. You will be more surprised when you will see him fully immersed in his art world, giving shape to imagination on a canvas. 

You would be forgiven for thinking him to be a professional artist. But he is an engineer. After B. Tech in 2002 and M. Tech in 2010, he joined a private engineering college as a lecturer. 

After serving for 8 years, he resigned from his job to take care of his elderly parents. Since he had enough time, he made the best use of it and found the artist in him. 

“As a child, I had an inclination towards art. But while pursuing my studies, I could hardly get time to hone my skill. Yet, during my student career, I would participate in art competitions organized by different organizations including Odisha Lalit Kala Akademi,” said Narayan. 

“Besides making self-reliant, art will also give one an identity in the society. I wish to generate a kind of devotion towards Lord Jagannath through my art,” he added. 

As a child, he took a fancy to Lord Jagannath and would spend hours drawing the deity on paper. In those days, he would make tiaras (Tahia) which adorn Lord Jagannath during pahandi and prepare the ornaments used during Suna Besha. Now, he is also making idols of Lord Jagannath and His siblings. 

His family members are also very cooperative. 

“He always makes it a point to devote some time to art. He is so devoted towards art that he often works till late hours,” said Tapaswini Patra, Narayan’s wife. 

“Art is such a thing that continues to live even after the death of an artist. If someone does his higher education, it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t do anything else. If one is gifted with any art form, they can make a living out of it,” said Nirupama Rana, Narayan’s neighbour.

(Reported by Manas Pani, OTV)