Suryakant Jena

News Highlights

  • Lord Jagannath and his siblings are currently undergoing treatment in the Anasara Ghara
  • The deities are believed to get completely cured by Dwadasi, 12th day from the Snana Purnima, and the good news is informed to Puri Gajapati

A special offering is being served to the deities of the Shree Jagannath Temple in Puri to help them fully recover from the fever ahead of the Rath Yatra. The herbal medicine called Dasamula Modaka is offered to the divine siblings as per the long-followed tradition. The Modaka is first submitted before the Raj Vaidya (royal physician) and he administers the medicine to the Lords in the secret Anasara chamber inside the temple.

Lord Jagannath and his siblings are currently undergoing treatment in the Anasara Ghara after falling ill due to a grand bath on the day of Snana Purnima. During this time, the Lords are administered with a variety of potions to help them recover from the fever. But Dasamula Modak is the final remedy that is believed to completely cure the deities.

According to customs, a paste of sandalwood and various other aromatic compounds is be applied to the idols as part of Ekadasi (11th day of Anasana period) rituals today. The Gods are dressed in 'Rakta Bastra' and the Dasamula is offered.

On Dwadasi tithi (tomorrow), servitors will take out a procession with the good news to inform Puri Gajapati Maharaj about the recovery of the deities. The ritual also known as the Raja Prasad Bije will be held under strict observance of Covid guidelines.

The ritual will be followed by Ghanalagi on the 13th day and Banakalagi nitis on the 14th day of the Anasara period. The day after that, the Lords are decked up for a new look on Nabajouban Darshan and ready to embark on the nine-day sojourn to Gundicha Temple.

With just a week before the Gundicha Yatra of the Lords kick-off, the servitors are giving last touches in the construction works of all the three chariots. The repairing works of the horses and the charioteer, Singhasana, Prabha Apasara and the art work of the Rupakar sevayats is underway in full swing.

Nataraj Besha of Alarnath

Meanwhile, in Brahmagiri, at the peeth of Lord Alarnath which holds the most significant ritual associated with the Anasara period of Lord Jaganath, the day of Khadilagi Ekadasi marks the important Nataraj Besha of Lord Alarnath.

On the occasion, Lord Alarnath is garlanded with a graceful look of flowers, Tulsi and offered nearly 7 quintals of various fruits like mangoes, jack-fruit, pineapples, coconuts.

It is believed that devotees who take darshan of the Alarnath on this day attain salvation and are freed from their sins. However with Covid pandemic restrictions still in force against entry of people into temples and public gathering, the shrine of Lord Alarnath which used to welcome thousands of people from all around the State and outside on this day is now devoid of the mass cheer and fanfare.