Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • YouTuber Agastya Chauhan died in an accident on Yamuna Expressway yesterday.
  • He was reportedly trying to ride his superbike Kawasaki Ninja at a speed of 300 km/hour.

Popular YouTuber Agastya Chauhan died a sudden death when he tried to ride the bike at 300km/hour on Yamuna Expressway. Reports suggest that he was riding the bike at such a high speed that his helmet shattered after it hit the divider and Agastya was killed on the spot due to the resulting fatal injuries.

The body was later on sent to a mortuary for post-mortem in Greater Noida.

It was not the first time that Agastya Chauhan had tried such a daring stunt. At the start of this year, the YouTuber had performed some dangerous stunts on the road and was legally booked under the Indian Penal Code for it.

Agastya’s love for bikes was quite well-known and his social media followers shared this love too. He was one of the 12 YouTube bloggers identified by Dehradun police for performing stunts on the road and many times even without caring for the safety of the public. The resident of Dehradun regularly posted videos of himself riding his superbike Kawasaki Ninja .

Was it a hit-and-run case?

According to reports, his bike hit the divider which made him lose his balance and resulted in the fatal accident.

The camera where Agastya Chauhan met with an accident is not working properly and hence it could not be confirmed whether he was driving the bike at the said 300km/hr speed or not. According to the cops, while the speed cannot be confirmed, it is possible that he and his friends started a bike race from the Jevar toll plaza and eventually met with a fatal accident.

However, this claim of accident has been denied by his friend who said that it was actually a hit-and-run case and that Agastya was hit by a speeding truck from behind. The police have already started examining the CCTV footage from the area and will also soon check the helmet camera of Chauhan to come to a final conclusion.