Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Rocking Star Yash emerged from the Kannada Film Industry (KFI) to shine globally with his KGF franchise. KGF Chapter 2 helped him sprawl his fandom across the globe. However, even before his tryst with the KGF, Yash was one of the celebrated and highest-paid actors of KFI. And now it is not just the box office, the KGF actor rules the hearts of the fans.

Yash as Rocky Bhai portrayed the character of a ruthless person who was ready to go to any extent to achieve his dreams. He slayed his enemies without hesitation to acquire the gold mines in KGF. However, the movie also showed a soft-hearted and emotional Rocky within himself, who remained concerned for the poor and needy. 

In real life too, all are aware that Yash is quite different from his onscreen character Rocky. Yash is quite humble and down-to-earth and shares an excellent relationship with several other biggies from different industries. Moreover, he is quite polite in his approach. Fans credit his family background for such attitude and character. 

Here we bring a video that compiles several moments showing generosity and humility of Yash. The clips show how the Rocking Star reacts when unknown fans rush in all of a sudden to meet their matinee idol. 

The first clip shows a girl fan clicking a selfie while Yash is standing behind her. However, a ruthless security guard holds the girl behind her head and pushes her to move forward. Meanwhile, Yash instantly stops the security guy and the actor's facial expressions said it all.

The second clip shows Yash sitting with Prashanth Neel on a couch. Suddenly a fan comes closer to his idol and kneeled in front of him trying to hold his legs as a mark of respect and love. Surprisingly, Yash immediately caught hold the youth's hand preventing him from touching his legs. 

The third clip shows Yash attending an event. A little girl was standing beside him. After interacting with her, Yash hugged the little girl and she seemed to be elated. 

Another visual showed Yash clicking selfies with his fans. 

There are numerous such proofs that show Yash's humble attitude towards his fans and all. 

Recently, he emerged as a guardian angel for his KGF co-star Harish Roy who portrayed the character of Khasim Chacha in the franchise. Reportedly, Yash extended a financial help of Rs 40 lakh for Harish's cancer treatment. Moreover, he also promised to take care of his family.

Such instances prove that Yash is beyond just a film idol for his fans. What do you think?