Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is well known for his bad temper. However, he also sometimes leaves everyone stunned with his witty statements. There are several instances when Sallu left many shocked and tickled their funny bones with his witty statements.

Recently, a video resurfaced on social media showing a witty Salman Khan. Not only common people, Sallu left renowned celebrities rolling on the floors, laughing.

In the video, actress Shilpa Shetty says, "Aapki body toh move kar rahi thi, lekin aapka dil naach raha tha. (Your body was moving, but your heart was dancing)"

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Reacting spontaneously to Shilpa's statement, Salman says, "Wah" and stands up from his seat clapping.

Then he shakes hands with director Anurag Basu and sits down. With such a spontaneous reaction Salman left Shilpa surprised while others laughing.

Next, Salman repeats Shilpa's statement, "Aapki body toh move kar rahi thi, aur aapka dil naach raha tha. Wah!" 

He again stands up and starts clapping making everyone laugh.

Such a reaction irritated Shilpa and says, "Bachao mujhe. (Save me)"

Further, Salman says, "Isi baat par standing ovation." The live audience including the judges also had to stand up and clap. Next, Sallu pressed a button on the desk and the screen flashed 'Magical Performance'. 

Shilpa pulls down Salman and says, "Ho gaya (Are you done)?"

Salman says, “Nahi (no)."

Meanwhile, Shilpa turns the mic and asks Katrina Kaif to hold it.

However, unstoppable Bhaijaan continues to say, "Pyaar se nahi, thapad se darr lagta hai se burra yeh. Isse bura hai yeh. (This is more weird than ‘I am afraid not of love, but of slap)."

While Shilpa defends her statement, Katrina also agrees with it. But, Salman again stands up and says, "Aapka body move kar raha tha, dil naach raha tha aur phempde fad fada rahe they. Aur aapka jigar kabhi idhar, kabhi udhar tha. (Your body was moving, heart was dancing and your lungs were fluttering. And your liver was sometimes here, sometimes there)."

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This leaves everyone on the set laughing uncontrollably. Finally, as Salman sits down, Shilpa asks again, "Ho gaya?" And, Salman nods his head.

The hilarious incident occurred on the sets of Super Dancer 2, where Shilpa Shetty, Anurag Basu, and Geeta Kapur were judges, and Salman and Katrina graced the show as guests. The video has gone viral on social media and netizens flooded the comments section with laughing emoticons.

Well, Salman can be very witty at times and not just a guy losing his cool and picking up fights with others.