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  • The Kapil Sharma Show fame Sunil Grover recently revealed a few unheard facts about him during an interview.
  • The famous comedian shared details about his regular likes and dislikes, and favorite food.
  • But he surprised everyone by picking up Rajendra nath as his favorite comedian.

The Kapil Sharma Show fame Sunil Grover in the last few years has emerged as one of the most versatile actors around. While Bharat indeed showcased his acting talent, it was through Tandav and his recently released web series Sunflower that Sunil has managed to establish that he can deliver the goods when it comes to bringing a character alive on the screen.

Recently during an interview, the famous comedian revealed some interesting and unheard facts about himself. According to Sunil, while he is a tea lover, over the years his liking has shifted to black coffee which now he enjoys more. In this age of fitness, when most of the actors prefer waking up early and going to the gym, The Kapil Sharma Show’s former star comedian believes in waking late in the morning as he is a night person.

According to Sunil Grover, he does love mornings but has difficulty waking up. Also, the actor loves to listen to English songs and Hindi songs. It seems old Bollywood classics are his favorite as he kept on humming “Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye” during this interview.

When asked what makes him angry, Sunil said it is his own indiscipline that triggers anger in him. He also revealed that once he searched a very silly thing on Google. The actor shyly added that he searched for “Aristotle’s 10 commandments.”

So, which food makes Sunil Grover happy? Chole Kulche is the favorite dish of the comedian who believes in the principle of “Live and Let Live.”

This answer may not come as a surprise to Sunil Grover fans as the actor shared a video preparing Chole Kulche a few months ago on a roadside stall. However, his next answer took everyone by surprise.

When asked about his favorite comedian, The Kapil Sharma Show star said that it is none other than Rajendranath, the yesteryear comedian who mostly worked with Shammi Kapoor in the 60s movies.

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