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News Highlights

  • Sunil Grover is getting good reviews for his performance in recently released web series Sunflower.
  • He recently opened up about his chances of reuniting with Kapil Sharma after rumours about the same went adrift.
  • According to Sunil, if the circumstances are right, he can hope to work with Kapil again.

Sunil Grover is currently basking in the glory of high reviews for his performance in the recently released web series Sunflower. The actor in the recent past also impressed with some stellar performances through projects like Bharat and Tandav.

Undeniably, he is a very good actor and once again he has proved it with Sunflower. But it cannot be ruled out that most of his fans still want to see him reprise his popular characters from The Kapil Sharma Show.

Rather, all the fans are eagerly awaiting the reunion between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover and want the two to share the stage and entertain the audience like before.

So when rumors about their reunion went adrift a few days ago, fans were elated. Neither Kapil nor Sunil confirmed or denied these rumours for a long time.

However, now Sunil Grover has finally opened up about the reunion.

Clarifying these rumours, the actor said that as of now there is no plan regarding reuniting with Kapil for a new project. But he did not deny the possibilities of their reunion in the future. Rather the famous comedian said that if circumstances bring them together, he will work with Kapil.

As is known, Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma had a major fight in 2017 that led to the former leaving the show permanently. Even before the brawl, Sunil had left the show once and had tried to come up with his comedy show but failed to get a good response. Later on, Kapil re-invited him and Sunil entertained the audience through Comedy Nights With Kapil as Gutthi and Dr. Mashoor Gulati.

But the fight on a flight in 2017 led to a very ugly breakup between Kapil and Sunil. Over the years, their animosity has mellowed down as they were seen together a couple of times at various events. And that has given fans hope that soon he may also be seen on The Kapil Sharma Show.

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