Cassian Baliarsingh

Shocking details are emerging in Telly actress Tunisha Sharma’s death case after accused Sheezan Khan was remanded to police custody till December 30.

The actor has been arrested as part of investigation on charges of abetment to suicide. Meanwhile, reports suggest that Sheezan Khan was in touch with his secret girlfriend (one of his ex-girlfriends). He was in constant touch with her on WhatsApp.

Police claimed that Sheezan chatted with his ‘secret girlfriend’ for one to one-and-a-half hours on the day of Tunisha’s death. But, he later deleted all his chats with her after Tunisha’s death, police claimed.

This might have created rift between Sheezan and Tunisha, police suspect. Meanwhile, the police have found 250 pages of WhatsApp chats from Sheezan’s phone. Moreover, cops have written to WhatsApp to retrieve all the deleted chats for further probe.

Police are probing as to why Sheezan only deleted the chats with his ex-girlfriend and if there was any connection with Tunisha’s death.

Meanwhile, social media sensation Urfi Javed has shared a message on Tunisha death case and advised girls not to give their precious lives for anyone.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Urfi wrote, “My 2 cents on Tunisha’s case, yes he might be wrong, he might have cheated on her but we cannot blame him for her death. You absolutely cannot make someone stay with you who doesn’t want to stay. Girls no one I REPEAT NO ONE, is worth giving up your precious life for. Sometimes, it might just seem like the end of the world but trust me it’s not. Think about the people who love you or just try loving yourself a bit harder. Be your own hero. Please give time some time. Even after suicide, the suffering doesn’t end, the ones that are left behind suffer even more.”

On the other hand, police claimed Tunisha had spoken to Sheezan shortly before taking the extreme step. However, police is yet to confirm if the couple had a fight over some issue before Tunisha decided to end her life.

Meanwhile, police claimed Sheezan has been changing his statements and not cooperating in the probe.

On Tuesday, Tunisha was bid a teary farewell at the Mira Road crematorium ground in Mumbai. Many friends from film and TV fraternity were present during the farewell.