Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Kapil Sharma wrapped up Season 1 of ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’ with a hilarious final episode. 

The highlight was the return of Kapil’s friend, Sunil Grover, whose performance was immensely popular. Sunil entertained the audience with his side-splitting portrayal.

In the recent finale, Sunil Grover’s flawless imitation of Salman Khan became a viral sensation. 

Alongside him, Krushna Abhishek played Shah Rukh Khan, and Kiku Sharda humorously portrayed Rakhee Gulzar, repeatedly calling out ‘Karan Arjun.’

The trio captivated the audience with their accurate performances. Sunil Grover received widespread acclaim, with viewers likening him to an AI version of Salman Khan. 

Clips from the show flooded social media, with fans sharing their favorite moments. 

One viral clip showed Sunil mimicking Salman Khan’s distinctive voice, similar to how Salman starts the Big Boss show when he hosts it. This video clip garnered immense attention, with everyone laughing and praising Sunil’s performance.

As the video went viral on social media, people commented enthusiastically. One user said, “Sunil Grover is more dangerous than AI,” while another commented, “Sunil Grover is more Salman than Salman himself.” 

Another praised him, saying, “Such a talented performer @WhoSunilGrover ❤️👏 He observes the nuances of a person and mimics them so well! Loved this act!!” Yet another user declared, “Sunil Grover is the best entertainer/comedian in the country!”

WATCH the video below:


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