Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan has been hitting the headlines after driving everyone crazy with his latest peppy number ‘Yentamma’ from his upcoming movie ‘Kisi Ka Bhai, Kisi Ka Jaan.’ Apart from his fans in the Hindi belt, movie lovers from the south have showered much love for the song as Sallu along with Ram Charan and Venkatesh Daggubati is seen cladding lungi and grooving to an excellent blend of Hindi and Telugu lyrics. 

Meanwhile, anticipation among all for his upcoming action-packed movie Tiger 3 remains high. Moreover, the recent announcement of Tiger vs Pathaan , set to be helmed by Siddharth Anand, has triggered more excitement and fans are eagerly waiting to see more actions of ‘Tiger’ aka Sallu.

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Fans address Salman by different names affectionately and the most common one is Bhaijaan. However, in a recent event, when Sallu was called ‘Bhaijaan’ by a reporter, he reacted in a strange way. His witty reply will certainly tickle your funny bones.

During the presser, the reporter throws a question saying, “Salman sir, you are Bhaijaan of the entire country (India). How do you see the threats you receive?”

To this, Salman Khan said, “Puri India ke Bhaijaan nahi hain! Kisi ke jaan bhi hain, bahut saro ki jaan hai, samjhe… (I am not entire country’s Bhaijaan. I am even someone’s Jaan, in fact, I am Jaan of several).”

To this, the crowd at the event cheered loudly. Salman further said, “I am Bhaijaan for them, who are Bhai and for them, whom I want to make sisters.”

Well, such a witty yet befitting reply from Salman with swag is certainly amazing and a moment to cherish for his fans. At the same event, when the Dabangg Khan was asked about the young actors, he issued a ‘warning’ for them. 

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Sallu said, “Very talented, all of them are very hardworking. They are all very focused... who all are on the top five? Shah Rukh, Aamir, me, Akki, Ajay. We will make them run for their money. We will tire them out. We will tire them out...”

“Hum logon ki picturein chalti hain, hum price badhate hain. Aur uske chakkar mein, jab humein nahi milta, toh woh price badha dete hain. Why!!! (Our films perform great so we increase our price. But, in the whirl of the situation, when we don’t get it, they increase their price. Why!!!).”

Of course, Salman issued the statements on a hilarious note but many believe that it’s the hard truth of Bollywood.