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  • Nayanthara was the female lead of Jawan but had a very small role in this SRK movie.
  • Her win at the recently held award function has surprised social media users.

Nayanthara won the Most Versatile Actress award at the recently held Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2024. She was offered this award for her role in Jawan. That has surprised and even upset many Bollywood fans because Nayan did not have a very strong or author-backed role in this Atlee-helmed movie. Rather it was Deepika Padukone who despite not being the female lead stole the limelight.

That is why social media users have slammed Nayanthara for using aggressive PR tactics to win this award. While everyone is happy that Shah Rukh Khan won the Best Actor (Male) award at the film festival, social media users never expected that South India’s lady superstar could get an award for her versatility in Jawan when she did not have much scope for displaying the same.

Jawan was the Bollywood debut movie of Nayanthara and when the flick was announced many believed that the Netrikann actress was getting a very big launch in the B-town as she is being launched with the Badshah of Bollywood. However, many fans of the Tollywood superstar were disappointed when her role was edited a lot to make the script crisp.

Comments on NayantharaComments on Nayanthara

There was a strong buzz after Jawan was released that Nayanthara was not happy with the way her role was chopped in the movie and hence she did not take active participation in the promotions of Jawan. In his reply to a post on social media, even Shah Rukh Khan said that the story of Narmada as a single mother was amazing but in the scheme of things it could not find more screen time.

So when the role of Nayanthara as Narmada was so short, even shorter than that of Deepika Padukone’s supposed cameo then how come she won the most versatile actor award for Jawan? That is the current discussion on social media with most of the users saying that the South Indian actress used her PR to win the award.