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Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • In upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya Sherlyn will learn truth about her blackmailer.

  • Megha will demand Rs.50 lakhs from Sherlyn for the video Akshay had shot earlier.

  • Prithvi will go to police station and will try to irk Karan who is behind the bars and will call Rishabh from there.

The upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya will be all about Sherlyn discovering the truth about her blackmailer and the way Prithvi will try to irk Rishabh and Karan. As is known Karan is in jail and feels indebted to Rakhi for loving and supporting him in such dreadful conditions. This makes Rakhi cry and she says that Preeta will do something to prove his innocence.

But the main focus of Kundali Bhagya’s next episode will be the discovery of Megha as the blackmailer by Sherlyn. 
Megha will reveal that she knows the reason why Akshay is blackmailing her and shows Sherlyn the video that Akshay is using for blackmailing her. Megha starts threatening Sherlyn who is shocked as she cannot believe that Megha is behind this blackmailing.

Megha demands Rs.50 lakhs in exchange for the video and tells Sherlyn that she has made multiple copies of the video. She then threatens Sherlyn further by saying that the videos will be sent to Rishabh if the latter does not cooperate or agrees to pay the amount in the next two days.

Elsewhere in Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi is feeling jealous of Rishabh’s success in business. He reaches the police station and meets Karan. He then wants to play the game with Rishabh and Karan and sends a message to Rishabh asking him to pick up his video call so that Karan can talk to him. Before making a call to Rishabh Prithvi tries to irk Karan by teasing him but the latter ignores him completely.

Then Prithvi calls Rishabh and shows him the face of Karan who is behind the bars. Prithvi now tries to instigate Rishabh by teasing him but Rishabh does not react. But this irritates Karan who shouts at Prithvi. Rishabh however calms him down. In this way, the Luthra brothers do not let Prithvi disturb them despite his provoking actions.

But in the end when Prithvi tries to get a selfie with Karan inside the jail, the latter loses his cool

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