Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Kavya gets furious as Vanraj goes missing from the wedding venue.
  • Kavya threatens Anupamaa that she will make a police complaint against her and the Shah family.
  • Anupamaa is furious when Kavya tries to slap Samar and threatens to destroy mandap.

Kavya is all decked for her wedding when she finds out that her dulha Vanraj is missing from the scene. She gets upset and goes to the cottage where the entire Shah family is staying for the wedding. She shouts “V kahan ho tum” but does not get any answer. Finally, she opens the door of the room in which Baa and other family members are sitting.

Kavya loudly asks them, “V kahan hai?” In reply, Baa says, “Tera V hai tuzhe pata hona chahiya.” Devastated by this sudden incident, Kavya then calls Anupamaa and inquires about Vanraj. Anupamaa who is with Dr. Advait at that time gets angry and shouts back at her and says, “Shaadi tumhari, dulha tumhara to pareshani bhi tumhari. Meri nahi.”

But Kavya is shocked and very furious as Vanraj is missing and hence threatens Anupamaa saying, “Agar tum yahan nahi aayi naa to Vanraj ke sath sath tumhari puri family ke khilaf mein police mein complaint kar doongi.”

Things worsen for Kavya as Anupamaa reaches the wedding venue. There is a lot of outrage between Kavya and the family members. Unable to control her temper, Kavya tries to slap Samar. But Anu reaches the spot on time and says to Kavya that if she tries to harm her children or family she (Anupamaa) will break the mandap and see to it that the wedding never happens.

In the earlier episode, Anu gives all her jewelry to Kavya in front of Baa, Vanraj, and the entire family members. Baa is surprised and says, “Tu apna stridhan isse de rahi hai?” In reply Anupamaa says to Kavya, “Sridhan pe ghar ki bahu ka adhikar hota hai. Is liye aaj se ye jimmedari tumhari. Muzhe vishwas hai tum iss pariwar ko bhi dil se apnaogi.”

Then looking at Vanraj Anupamaa says, “Aur app! Iss baar rishton mein jimmedari aur wafadari ko jarur mahatva dijiye ga. All the best.”