Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Kareena, Kriti and Tabu look as dynamic and hot trio on the posters of Crew.
  • A few social media users have said that the posters remind them of Charlie's Angel, a Hollywood flick.

The first few posters of Kareena Kapoor Khan, Tabu, and Kriti Sanon from the movie Crew were shared a day ago. All three ladies look glamorous, bold, and beautiful in the posters with the caption Fake it, steal it and risk it suggesting something sinister. The posters suggest that the three actresses are a part of a flight crew but that does not give you an inkling as to what exactly the storyline will be.

Now a few netizens have suggested that Crew can be the remake of Hollywood classic Charlie’s Angels. The movie released in 2000 was about three women who were reputed private investigators and used the latest hi-tech tools, best of the high-performance vehicles, and martial arts techniques to rescue a kidnapped billionaire and protect his secret software from the hands of enemies.

The movie showed the three investigators using state-of-the-art skills on air, land, and sea. Apart from being the best in their business as investigators, the trio also were beautiful and brilliant. All these three women are working for Charlie and hence are called Charile’s Angels.

Interestingly, the movie was a highly modified version of the sexy and action-comedy television series of the 70s. Although there is a difference between the posters of Crew and Charlie’s Angels, the one common thing is that both the movies have three, beautiful women in the lead. Also, the posters of the Crew promise some action-packed drama similar to that of Charlie’s Angels. 

Charlie's AngelsCharlie's Angels

Now whether Crew has just been inspired by Charlie’s Angels and has an entirely different narrative or is a complete adaptation of the Hollywood movie will be clear only when either the stars or the makers of Crew make any reference. But one thing is clear - Tabu, Bebo, and Kriti make a dynamic combination and may offer just the right mix of glamour, action, spice, and drama with an all-female movie that Bollywood fans are looking for.