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News Highlights

  • Yana Mir has alleged that she was harassed by the customs officials at the New Delhi airport.
  • Mir said that she was harassed for carrying empty Louis Vuitton bags.

Yana Mir, the Kashmiri journalist who went viral last week after giving a strong statement in support of Kashmir has now alleged that she was harassed by the customs officials at the New Delhi airport after she returned from London.

Mir said that she was harassed without any reason by the airport customs officials for carrying empty Louis Vuitton bags.

The journalist shared the incident on her social media handle X, formerly Twitter. The video shows her arguing with the officials regarding the empty bags and saying that the officials are demanding bills for those empty bags and trying to impose due on her shopping bags.

Her video clip shows Yana Mir saying that the officials treated her as a brand smuggler at the Delhi airport. Yana Mir’s tweet says, “What i said in London about India: I am FREE AND SAFE IN INDIA How i was welcomed back to India: Madam scan your bag, open your bag, why you have louis vuitton shopping bags? Did you pay for them? Where are the bills???? What Londoners think of me: INDIAN MEDIA WARRIOR WHAT DELHI customs thinks of me: Brand Smuggler.”

The moment the post was shared by Yana Mir on her social media handle, her followers started giving their reactions. Most of them said that the customs officials were only during their duty. In return Yana said that they could have done the same thing but more politely.

Another user made an interesting and insightful comment that said, “Yana, whereas I think these people are so busy with their jobs and duties, because of that sometimes they fail to recognise true nationalists like you, exactly like every kashmiri is not a terrorist and every sardar is not a khalistani, it happens sometimes, so please don't mind."

Earlier last week Yana Mir became a big sensation in India after her video from the UK Parliament went viral on social media. In the clip, Yana can be heard saying, “I am not a Malala. I am free and safe in my homeland #Kashmir which is a part of free India. I will never need to runaway from my homeland and seek refuge in your country.”