Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Kashmiri journalist and activist Yana Mir made a strong statement at the ‘Sankalp Divas’ event hosted by the UK Parliament by denouncing Pakistan’s propaganda against India. She also asserted her safety and freedom in Kashmir, which is an integral part of India.

During the ceremony, Yana received the Diversity Ambassador Award and delivered a keynote address. In her powerful address, Mir emphasized that she is not Malala Yusufzai, who had to leave her country due to threats of terrorism. She wowed those present during the program in the British Parliament building with her powerful address.

“I am not a Malala Yusufzai, because I am free and safe in my country, India. In my homeland - Kashmir which is part of India. I will never need to run and seek refuge in your country. I will never be a Malala Yusufzai but I object to Malala for defaming my country, my progressive homeland, by calling it oppressed. I object to all such toolkit members from social media and international media, who have never cared to visit Indian Kashmir but fabricate stories of oppression from there,” said Mir in her address at the UK Parliament.

Mir also urged the international media to stop dividing the people of Jammu and Kashmir and to refrain from fabricating stories of oppression. She called for an end to polarizing Indians on the basis of religion, highlighting the need for peace in the region.

“I urge you to stop polarising Indians on the grounds of religion. We won’t allow you to break us. This year on Sankalp Divas, all I hope for is that our perpetrators living in the UK and Pakistan will stop maligning my country in international media or on international human rights forums. Stop unwanted selective outrage, and stop trying to polarise Indian society by reporting from your UK living rooms. Thousands of Kashmiri mothers have already lost their sons because of terrorism. Stop coming after us and let my Kashmiri community live in peace. Thank you and Jai Hind,” she added amid loud applause.

As per reports, over 100 dignitaries attended the programme. Those in attendance included members of the UK Parliament, local councillors, community leaders, and more.

Notably, Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist and a Nobel laureate, was shot by Taliban terrorists in her hometown in the country after she attended school following a ban on girls’ education imposed by the Taliban. Yousafzai left Pakistan and later became a champion of human rights and girls’ education, thus transforming herself into a global icon.