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  • Even at the age of 78, Helen Mirren has maintained her elegance and charm
  • In her long career of more than 50 decades, she has worked in movies, theater, and television.

Helen Mirren, the veteran Hollywood actress celebrates her birthday today. Even at the age of 78, the Russian-born actress has maintained her elegance and charm and continues to exude the same aura that she emitted when young.

And it has been quite evident as she offered her voice as a narrator to the recently released movie Barbie which is creating a stir worldwide. It has been quite a roller-coaster ride for Mirren who has still managed to stay relevant despite all the odds.

Only actor to receive Triple Crown!

It is indeed a great feat for any actress. Helen Mirren in her long career of more than 50 decades has worked in movies, theater, and television for both British and Hollywood audiences. And in both Great Britain and the United States the Duke actress has won awards for acting in all three mediums which is considered to be a triple crown.

Incidentally, Mirren is the only actor who has achieved it that speaks highly of her talent, versatility, and flexibility to adapt to different mediums of entertainment with ease.

One reason behind it is that she is very much passionate about her profession. She got attracted to theaters at the age of 13 finding her inspiration in Hamlet. But prior to that she worked as a blagger at the Kursaal amusement Park and her job was to woo the customers onto the rides.

Mirren played the role of a Queen 6 times

The beautiful actress has played the character of queen 6 times. But her most remembered role as the royalty is from the film The Queen released in 2006.

Incidentally, even Queen Elizabeth II loved Helen Mirren as queen and it was one of her favourite movies. Despite being a veteran, one thing that she continues to enjoy is twerking. In one of her television interviews, she proved that old gals too can love dancing and aced the move so perfectly.

She has often been bold and outspoken and never hesitates to speak about sex even after crossing her 70s. Married for more than 25 years, the legendary actress believes sex becomes wonderful as you age while it is empty and paranoid when young.