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  • Farah Khan can be seen taking a jibe at actors in her latest viral video clip.
  • The Happy New Year director has slammed actors for saying things that they do not mean.

Farah Khan is known for being very frank and at times blunt in her interviews and talk shows. While she enjoys a very good relationship with most of the Bollywood superstars and actors, the famous director and choreographer sometimes makes her colleagues even uncomfortable with her direct talk.

A few weeks earlier she discussed how most of the superstars nowadays come with multiple vanity vans on the set and do not start working unless and until the vans become functional. And now Farah Khan has revealed 5 shocking things that the Bollywood actors say but never mean.

In a now- viral video clip , the Om Shanti Om director says, “Number 1 actresses’ ka hai ki main gym kabhi nahi jati hoon. Mera metabolism hi hai. God has blessed me with genetics. That is you are either starving yourself to death or you are inside the gym 24/7."

According to Farah Khan, “Second, gym ke bahar paps dekhkar ya bhajiwale ke paas paps dekhkar are aapko kisne bulaya? Ma’am apne hi bulaya. Third - miss being a normal person you know. I miss eating pani puri on the street. Bhai if you are a normal person you will die. Fourth you know we do not care about box-office numbers. This movie was not made for the box-office. That means the movie has flopped. And actors on being late-Arre saab abhi gate pe hi hai. Toh kaunsa gate. India Gate? Gateway of India? Kaunsey gate pe hai?”

Most of what Farah Khan has said in this clip has been discussed by many other actors one way or the other but never so directly. Even Gauri Khan during her appearance on Koffee with Karan said that she feels funny when celebrities call paparazzi at the airport or gym and then question their presence at the exact spot.

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