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  • Anant Ambani's Cartier brooch worn on his engagement has a legacy.
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Anant Ambani’s increased weight was one of the most discussed topics after the clicks and videos from his engagement with Radhika Merchant went viral recently. Apart from that, it was his expensive and historic brooch that caught the attention of many who have a keen eye for exquisite jewelry and accessories.

Anant Ambani affixed the iconic Cartier panther brooch to his designer printed coat that he had worn over the kurta. Its historic importance came into the limelight when art curator and historian Deepthi Sasidharan explained the importance of this particular brooch.

These particular brooches are usually made with gold or platinum and are embedded with brilliant diamonds. Interestingly the panther rosettes that give these brooches a distinct identity are specially made of cabochon cut onyx. The nose of the panther is made with black onyx while the eyes are given a dazzling effect with pear-shaped emeralds.

The brooch is an indication of the wealth that stands behind Anant Ambani. The first panther brooch was designed as a gift for Russian Grand Duke George Mikhailovich’s wife and was designed by Jacques Cartier who belonged to the third generation of the family.

Designed in 1914, the brooch represented power and strength and was inspired by Jean De La Fontaine’s French literary classic The Lady and the Panther.

The original brooch was embedded with diamonds and rubies and included two panthers facing right and left each. The brooch made with 18k carat gold featured a diamond-set collar and emerald eyes and was 6.5 cm in length.

Now, the Cartier brooch has become a symbol of power and luxury and has been worn by many celebrities over the years. It has been the hot favourite of many Hollywood celebs with big-time stars like Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie, and Sarah Jessica Parker wearing it on the red carpet.