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  • BTS recently released its promotional video focussed on the versatility of Seoul.
  • The video showcases various landmark destinations in Seoul.
  • BTS team can be seen wearing traditional outfits laced with modernity.

BTS’s latest promotional video in collaboration with the Seoul City Government was released on September 9. The video is a part of the latest tourism campaign designed to promote the versatility that the South Korean capital has to offer to the world. The campaign "Your Seoul Goes On" showcases the tradition and diverse culture of the city and gives sneak peeks of the landmark destinations from the capital city.

Its title is based on the pandemic release album of BTS-Life Goes On. As the famous K-pop singers chant EoGiYeongCha Seoul, the promotional video demonstrates the ever-fighting spirit of the citizens of Seoul. You can see the singers and other people who are part of the video chanting this phrase repeatedly which means giving strength to each other.

The video is a perfect blend of modernity and culture in which the members of BTS can be seen wearing semi-traditional Korean clothes (Hanbok) with a touch of modernity. They have made sure that detailed attention is given to all the things related to the tradition of the city.

The video covers various destinations and locations from the City of Seoul to make the promotion more impactful. One can see the BTS team performing in front of the famous historical Seoul destination-the Gyeongbok Gung Palace. Apart from the palace, the video covers multiple cultural masterpieces that include Itaewon, N Seoul Tower, Dongdaemun Plaza, the National Museum of Korea, and more.

It also includes a few South Korean artistic heritages and culinary artistry, traditional instrumental music, fan dance, and Taekwondo. BTS has been promoting the cosmopolitan capital city of South Koreas as the honorary tourism ambassador for the last five years working closely with Seoul Tourism Organisation.

The world-famous South Korean pop group has been using their international popularity and reach to introduce and promote their country and capital Seoul so that the tourism sector in Seoul experiences a boom.

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