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  • Salman Khan has made his displeasure at going to award functions obvious many times.
  • Although his opinion has changed over the years, there was a time when Bhaijan simply criticised them.

Salman Khan has always been wary of going to the award functions or winning it. Although over the years he has performed at some of such functions and even hosted a few, like Aamir Khan , he too did not feel that winning an award especially conducted by film magazines is a big deal.

Over the years Bhaijan has mellowed down and nowadays does not make statements that can trigger controversies. But the Salman Khan during the 90s and the early decade of this century was in reality the Dabangg Khan of Bollywood who never hesitated to call a spade a spade. And it is quite evident from this old video clip of the Maine Pyar Kiya actor that recently went viral.

It seems that this interview was taken during the celebrity cricket match or when he was shooting for some shot as a cricket player since he can be seen wearing the dress that was usually worn by cricketers for test matches. In this clip Salman Khan says, “I think only the people who don’t have any confidence in themselves, they want awards. I would not go up and pick up a Filmfare award or I would not go and pick up any stupid award. Jaise ki there are 3-4 awards for which they contacted me. I did not go for those awards.”

Salman Khan on Awards.
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What he says next makes sense although no star from today’s generation will dare to say such things as they may not want to take a panga with the media that may affect their image/PR. Salman says, “Magazine that is running on our strength ..understand. Ke aapke interview pe, stars ke interview pe yeh magazines chal rahi hai. Wahi aapko bulate hai aur bolte hai ki bhai we are going to give you an award. You come and perform and this and that and then sell it to Pan Parag and Manikchand and we are like idiots hai, suit boot pahenke award le rahe hai. I am not interested.”

He added, “Tomorrow my driver, my servant, and my boy and my makeup man says ki baba aaj hum tumko award dete hai. Stupid.”