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Pakistani singer Atif Aslam needs no introduction. Not only in India or Pakistan but the ‘Dil Diyan Galla’, ‘Pehli Nazar Mein’ and ‘Bakhuda Tumhi Ho’ singer also enjoys a huge global fanbase across the world. Especially, his female fans are in huge numbers, thanks to the good looks of the singer.

When not busy in his music commitments, the singer-actor performs at concerts across the globe. Recently, Atif Aslam was in Bangladesh to perform at a concert. The most loved singer met a very overwhelmed and emotional female fan. And the way he handled the situation calmly has won the hearts of fans.

A video of the whole incident was caught on camera and has been going viral on social media platforms. The video begins with a young female fan hugging Atif Aslam on stage. When the singer was performing, the female fan jumped on the stage in the middle of the concert.

In the video, she can be seen hugging Atif Aslam and crying profusely. Atif also gives her a light hug and consoles her. However, the fan continues to hold him tight, refusing to leave him. Keeping his calm, Atif hugged her and tried to separate himself from her. However, the fan again takes his hand and kisses them.

All this while, Atif continues to keep his calm and consoles her before sending her off from the stage. Even as his guards intervene, he handles the situation calmly and makes sure the girl gets down the stage without any problem. Later, the singer again continues with his performance.

Now, Atif’s warm gesture for his fan has won over everyone all over again. How he did not get angry or lashed out or behave inappropriately with her has yet again proved that he is a gentleman. This isn’t the first time that Atif stood up for his fans.

A few years back, he stopped his concert and helped a girl come out of the crowd after he spotted a few boys eve-teasing her. He made sure his team rescued the girl and took her to a safer place and also reprimanded the boys saying that their sisters and mothers could also be there at the concert.

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“Insaan ka bacha ban (act like a human being),” he slammed the boys before resuming his concert.