Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • In Anupamaa, Toshu and Kinjal will have a fierce fight after the former's affair is revealed.
  • Both Anu and Vanraj will slap their son as Toshu tries to justify cheating on Kinjal.

Lots of twists and turns are currently happening in Anupamaa which as usual is keeping the audience engaged and eager. While the current track focuses on the life of Anuj and Anupamaa post their marriage, it is also about how their near ones are behaving and reacting.

In the upcoming few episodes, the focus will now shift to Toshu and Kinjal’s marital life. The audience is well aware that Toshu had a secret fling with someone when he was unemployed.

Now, both Anu and Rakhi are aware of this but the latter asks Anupamaa to keep mum for the happiness of her daughter. Eventually, Kinjal now will come to know about Toshu’s affair, and interestingly, he will not be ashamed at all about the entire episode.

According to Toshu, such flings are quite common in India and in foreign countries and there is nothing to be ashamed of it. His approach will enrage Kinjal, Anupamaa, and Vanraj, and the latter will decide to throw his son out of the house.

Kinjal and Toshu will have a fierce fight and at one point in time, Kinjal will surprise everyone with her decision when Toshu says there is nothing wrong with having an affair and that everything is alright.

Paritosh further says that he does not hold any feelings for that stranger girl and will never leave Kinjal. When Anupamaa shouts at him, her son is unable to understand why she is making such a hue and cry of a 'small thing' and slams her for making chaos out of nothing.

Both Anupamaa and Vanraj slap their son with the latter saying that he made a compromise when he married Anu whereas Paritosh had a love marriage and still cheated on Kinjal.

Now, it’s time for Kinjal to take a stand and her decision is going to be very much surprising. She will agree to forgive Toshu but on one condition that he will allow Kinjal to have an extramarital affair. It will enrage Toshu and the two have a big fight.