Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • In Anupamaa, Barkha will push down Kinjal in Kapadia House during Anu's dance.
  • It will put the life of Kinjal and her baby in danger.

Anupamaa and Anuj Kapadia are finally married and now as Anuj once again starts focusing on his office, Anu gears up to take charge of her household. Her ways of working and discipline will be a big headache for Barkha who will start meddling and interfering in Anu’s decisions. Time and again she will try to insult Anu. Elsewhere Ankush will decide to join the office of Anuj and the latter will ask Ankush to come to his office to discuss things better. Both Ankush and Anuj will start working in the office together.

The major twist in the show will come when Kinjal, Pakhi, and Sara visit Kapadia House with Anu. Everyone knows the love of Anupamaa for dance and hence she will entertain everyone with her dance. During the dance, Barkha who is around will push pregnant Kinjal. It will lead to Kinjal falling very badly and will put her life as well as her baby’s life in danger. Since all this will occur in the presence of Anupamaa inside the Kapadia House, all the Shah family members will start blaming Anu for the condition of Kinjal who is fighting for her life as well as for the life of her baby.

Next, Vanraj is in search of a job and will come to the dance academy of Anu where Samar and Anupamaa are managing all the work of the dance academy. Vanraj will say that he will help Samar in his work but when he sees Anupamaa in the academy he will keep mum.

Later, when Anu will go to the Shah House she will find Pakhi in an entirely different mood boasting about herself in front of Sara. It will surprise both Vanraj and Anu. Later on, Vanraj will blame Anu for Pakhi’s behavior to which Anu will say that she will have a word with Pakhi regarding the same.