Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • The current track of Anupamaa has left the netizens upset.
  • Anu and Anuj's wedding scenes are not turning up as expected.

Anupamaa and Anuj Kapadia’s wedding is one of the most awaited incidences of the serial. The way their love story was projected, viewers simply fell in love with it and expected the makers to show their wedding in a mature way following all traditional norms and rituals. But not at the cost of Anu or Anuj compromising their self-esteem.

However, the current track seems to have left the netizens perplexed as there are so many things that do not appear in sync with the present storyline.

Why is Vanraj Getting all the Focus?

It is the marriage of Anu and Anuj, then why Vanraj is getting all the focus. Rather in one of the episodes of Anupamaa, Vanraj was shown many times more as compared to the current lead couple of the show. Moreover, fans expected their marriage to take place at least in a decent hall where Anu will be free from all her past memories.

Instead, it is taking place in the Shah House which has given so much unhappiness and sorrow to Anu, and naturally, the focus will shift to Vanraj as it is his house.

Anu’s Mehendi Design Has Surprised Fans

The Mehendi on Anu’s hand shows Anuj written in the heart but the entire design points out toward a family tree. Fans could not understand why such a weird design was chosen for Anupamma when they could have come up with something interesting for their wedding Mehendi.

Baa’s Cursing has Gone Beyond Limits

Baa is not happy with the marriage of Anupamaa and Anuj and she has made it pretty obvious from time to time. But Baa cursing Anu repeatedly in presence of everyone and the latter bawling her eyes out is not something that fans could digest. Rather, they believe that this has made the entire scene quite toxic and distorted what could have been a happy and romantic moment for Anu and Anuj.

While the show still is number one on television, if the makers continue with this soapy storyline, it may soon lose its TRP ranking to some other good show.