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  • Anupama's dance academy and Vanraj's cafe is finally inaugurated
  • Vanraj asks Anupama to start fresh and be his friend
  • Kavya manipulates Vanraj against Anupama's dance academy

Anupamaa is one of the most popular television serials currently. The current tracks of Kavya creating a rift between Anupama and her children, and the inauguration of Anupama's dance academy and Vanraj's cafe are being liked by the audience. Now, the upcoming episode has many interesting dramas in store.

After the inauguration of Anupamaa's dance academy and Vanraj's cafe, everyone is happy. But, Kavya is still upset with Vanraj for opening her cafe and taunts him for not having a single customer. 

However, at last, one customer arrives and orders food which is not in the menu. But Anupama saves the day for Vanraj and is praised by the customer for the preparation. Vanraj is elated over his first income.

On the other hand, a lot of students came to take admission in Anupama’s dance academy. At the end of the day, Vanraj shares his happiness with Anupama and says he had an income of Rs 1300 on the first day of his business and asks how much she has earned. However, Anupamaa at first tries to avoid the question but later on Vanraj's insistence, Anu reveals that she had earned Rs 6500 on the first day.

After this, Vanraj jokes with Anupama that he has to take her money away and then asks Anupama to be his friend. He confesses that he had so much baggage earlier that he couldn't really become her friend, but now he will.

However, Kavya isn’t happy with Vanraj's cafe business and tries to instigate Vanraj against Anupama by saying that Anu's having a lot of students and yet she is not recommending them to go to his cafe. 

She then also tries to hurt Vanraj's ego by comparing his and Anu's first-day income.

Kavya manipulates Vanraj against Anupama. Adding more to the misunderstanding, when some Vanraj’s cafe customers were disturbed by Anu's dance class, she instigates Vanraj to kick out Anupama’s dance academy.

It will be interesting to see if Vanraj gets swayed by Kavya's dirty game and kicks out Anupama’s dance academy or he believes his new friend Anupamaa and stands for her against Kavya.

(Edited By Pradeep Singh)

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