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Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Kavya will become excited as she gears up for her wedding with Vanraj.

  • Anupamaa is surprised looking Vanraj worried as his wedding with Kavya is coming near.

  • Baa tells Vanraj that Kavya will not make a good mother, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Things are looking up finally for Kavya who is now eager to get married to Vanraj. She wants Vanraj to take interest in their wedding but Vanraj is not at all happy about it. He is rather upset but cannot say so to Kavya. Anirudh meets Vanraj and tells him that he is still a friend of Kavya and will keep on checking whether he is keeping Kavya happy or not.

Vanraj is enraged and asks Anirudh not to interfere in his matters. However, he is finding it difficult to maintain the fake smile as Kavya keeps on reminding him about their wedding the next day.

Elsewhere, the entire Shah family sits with Anupamaa at her home and decides that they will not participate in the wedding of Vanraj and Kavya. At the same moment, Dr. Advait comes and Anupamaa makes tea for him. The family discusses Anupamaa’s surgery with Dr. Advait and offers their strong support.

On the other hand, when Vanraj sees Anupamaa and the family chilling with Advait he gets angry. In the same instance, Kavya comes and tells Advait to manage the decorations of her wedding. Elsewhere, Pakhi, Samar, and Toshu are unhappy about the fact that Kavya is going to be their stepmother and that all this is happening at the wrong time.

Unaware of all this negativity, Kavya is very happy and starts dancing out of happiness imagining that Vanraj is dancing with her. When Anupamaa sees her dancing she feels that Kavya is indeed very happy with this wedding. But she is surprised after seeing a worried look on the face of Vanraj. When Kavya shows her wedding dress with great excitement to Vanraj he gets very angry.

In the upcoming episode, Baa will tell Vanraj that Kavya will not make a good mother, mother-in-law, and daughter-in-law and asks why he is so unhappy. Vanraj says that all this would not have happened if Anupamaa had not divorced him. While everyone in the family is not interested in going to the wedding Anupamaa asks them to attend it.

When asked how she can stay so positive, Anupamaa says that Dr. Advait has taught her to ignore such things.

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