Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Anupamaa will hit back at Vanraj savagely after her ex-husband tries to humiliate her.
  • Anu will pay all the dues to Rakhi Dave and tell her that she and her daughter-in-law are no more allowed in Shah's house.

In Anupamaa, the upcoming episodes will slowly unravel some interesting twists- a few that the audience always wanted to see and it will certainly leave them elated in the end. After Anuj expresses his love for Anupamaa to Vanraj, Kavya and Anu take them both to their respective rooms.

Since Anu is worried about Anuj feeling bad in the morning due to a hangover, she goes to his room and feeds him curd. For Anuj, this is dream come true as he has always wanted Anupamaa to pamper him. Even in the morning, Anu rings the bell of Anuj’s room making him happy once again. While Anupamaa clearly remembers Anuj revealing his feelings for her to Vanraj, both Anuj and her ex-husband forget everything that they did or said the earlier night.

Vanraj continues humiliating Anu but is shocked when his ex-wife hits back savagely and says that while he never took her to any party because her hands smelled of masalas, Vanraj’s stinking thoughts are worse.

Elsewhere at the Shah house, Rakhi Dave enters and tells Baa that she will stay there as the Shah’s are yet to return her money and it does not seem possible that they are capable of doing it. To humiliate Baa and other members of the Shah family further, Rakhi breaks and drops her pearl necklace. As a result, all the members of the Shah family start collecting the pearls from the floor.

When Anupamaa walks inside the house and sees this drama, she is enraged. But instead of saying anything, she gives a cheque to Rakhi Dave and tells her that from now on neither Rakhi nor her daughter-in-law will be allowed to enter the Shah house. This not only shocks Rakhi but even Vanraj; and, Kavya and Baa are stunned by this new development.

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