Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood power couple Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor began their journey of parenthood on November 6. Ranbir chose the name for their daughter ‘Raha ’. Now, after celebrating parenthood for around one and a half months, Alia has now begun her workout schedule. 

Taking to social media, Alia on Saturday shared a picture in which she is seen hanging upside down. 

She captioned her post, “One and a half months post-partum, after gradually re-building my connection with my core, and with full guidance from my teacher @anshukayoga I was able to attempt this inversion today.”

Addressing all fellow mothers, Alia shared a key message through her post. 

“To my fellow mamas, listening to your body post-delivery is key. Do NOT do anything your gut tells you not to. For the first week or two during my workouts, all I did was breathe… walk… find my stability and balance again (& I still have a long way to go),” she wrote.

Further, she penned, “Take your time - appreciate what your body has done. After what my body did this year I have taken a vow to never be hard on myself again. Childbirth is a miracle in every way, and giving your body that love and support that it gave you is the least we can do 🤍”

Well, this is something inspiring and deserves appreciation.

While she shared the pic on her Instagram page, videos of her post-pregnancy workout have surfaced on several other pages.

Meanwhile, netizens including several celebrities are all praises for the Gangubai Kathiawadi actress.

Actor Sonu Sood wrote: “By mistake u posted your pic upside down 😂😍”

“Mama alia you are even more amazing :) big ups! 🙌🏼,” wrote actor Ishaan Khatter.

A fan of Alia wrote, “Finally a post which i would really appreciate you for sharing ❤️ Its not always that we want to see how good you look while you are pregnant but the reality that what all you faced during and after pregnancy. Thank you for sharing from another new baby girls mom ❤️”

“Yes you are absolutely right but i lost my baby girl after delivery 😭on 22 th dec now in my second week since my delivery, just walking and breathing suggested by my doctor👨⚕. 🙌God bless you 🙏🌹and your baby Raha, may all the blessings and showers from above come down upon your family👪 😇. ❤Love- Soma,” Wrote another fan.