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  • Rajniesh is the winner of Mr. India and Mr. International titles.
  • He was the highest paid model when was offered the movie Yakeen with PeeCee.

Rajniesh Duggall, a former supermodel who debuted in Bollywood in 1920 recently during one of his interviews revealed that he lost a movie because of Priyanka Chopra Jonas . Talking to Siddharth Kannan on his podcast, Duggall said, “There is a film that happened to me about which nobody knows about. I had something. Main 2003 mein Mr. India jeeta or 2003 mein hi London gaya international competition mein second aaya. Aur audience poll mein I won the contest. Wahan ki ek agency ke saath maine sign kiya. Six months I worked with them and then I got bored.”

Duggall added, “I was getting a lot of money. Pounds mein. I was signed by Premier One which is the top agency in the world. And I have done things for Gucci, I have done things for Cartier. But I thought ki yaar apne des mein karna hai. So I came back which is stupid or what. I was 22- 23.”

He had signed a two-year contract with the agency but he came back to India in six months. After coming back to India Rajniesh Duggall started working in prints. It was when he was shooting in France for Oswal sweaters that he received a call from an EP from Mumbai’s production house who said that they wanted to cast him for a movie that would be edited by Vikram Bhatt and Girish Dhameeja would be directing the film.

It was the movie Yakeen for which Rajniesh was signed as the lead but later on was made with Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Arjun Rampal. The budding actor left all his endorsements and commercials so that he could do justice to the role and started acting classes and working on his language and diction. This was the peak time of Rajniesh’s career with two back-to-back international titles Mr. India, and Mr. International, and was charging maximum. He left Siyaram, Vimal just because he was full on with the preparation for this particular movie.

Rajniesh reveals, “Suddenly mere ko raath ko ek call aata hai. I picked up the phone and the producer Shiel Babu, a very genuine guy said Rajniesh Babu office aa jao thoda problem hai. I said so raha hoon, kal aata hoon. Par he said abhi aa jao thoda jyada serious hai. So I quickly got up and went in the car and went to the office.”

There he was told that since Priyanka Chopra does not want to work with a newcomer they are forced to drop him from the film. Narrating the exact scenario, the actor said, “Girishji’s eyes were all wet. He could not speak. I said sir kya hua. Sheil Babu said ek bada issue ho gaya. Over the last few years, we have signed Priyanka. During this time she has become big which is good. Humne use ek bulk ke liya paisa de diya. Now she is saying I am not going to work with a newcomer.”

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That is how he lost his first movie but eventually did manage to make a Bollywood debut with Vikram Bhatt’s 1920.

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