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What happens to those failing in UPSC, competitive exams? Here, an aspirant shares insightful reflection.

All of us tend to talk only about success and ranks. Every year millions of students appear for UPSC, CAT and other competitive exams. Only a handful get selected, and no one bothers about what happens to lakhs of other aspirants who cannot crack the exams.

Failure is more common than success. An aspirant has sparked a debate by sharing insightful reflection and societal perceptions that are resonating deeply with many.

“In society's definition I may be a perfect example of failure. I quit my job back in 2021 in pursuit of something more meaningful- UPSC. At my job I was a slave with the calculator counting someone else's money when people in my country were dying without medical support due to covid. I decided to take up UPSC. It was my decision, a decision that genuinely stemmed from a deep desire to help people around me. I gave it my best shot and… I FAILED,” the aspirant mentioned.

My kids will not be subject to this madness!
by inCATpreparation

“More than failing the exam I failed in my own eyes. When you fail UPSC you don't just fail on the day of the result, you fail every day. Because daily targets are tough to achieve, mock tests are tougher than actual exams etc. It's a constant cycle of failing by the end of every day and yet coming back the next day to fail again!” he added.

He further stated, “Today after failing at almost every step of the way I have realised one thing. Failure is more common than success. And it is so so so damn unfortunate that yet no one teaches us to deal with failure. We are only taught to strive for excellence since the beginning of pre school. My question is why?”

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“When I have kids, I will teach them to be happy! I will teach them that your career is a small tiny part of your life and not the whole life itself. I will teach them to be happy and become good human beings with or without the money! Because I know for sure that their success or failure may be variable throughout life but their happiness will always be the constant! I promise them that,” he added.

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