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Garima Singh’s journey from her childhood dream of becoming a doctor to cracking IPS and subsequently becoming an IAS officer is proof that with sheer will power and determination, anyone can achieve the impossible in life.

Her illustrious career is attributed to a life-changing realisation that she experienced as a college student that changed the course of her life and led her to become a civil servant.

As per Zee News, Garima was born and raised in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. For undergraduate and her graduate studies, she attended the prestigious St. Stephen’s College of Delhi University. It was during her college days, she was stopped at a roadside checkpoint and demanded bribe. Despite put under intense pressure to pay a bribe, Garima who was young stood firm in her principles and resisted to give any bribe.


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The incident completely changed her and ignited fire in her to become an IPS officer. Even though she initially wanted to become a doctor during her childhood, the experience made her to choose IPS. She quit social media and stopped meeting friends. Instead of attending coaching classes, she focused more on self study and her hard work paid off and finally she became an IPS officer.

All the years as an IPS officer, she worked diligently and served the community. However, it was her father’s dream to see her as an IAS officer. While working as an IPS officer, she made another attempt and secured an impressive AIR-55 to become an IAS officer.

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Her life journey exemplifies resilience, integrity and unwavering commitment to bring a change in the society for better life and good public service.