Inspiring success stories of three OCS qualifiers who won against all odds

Prachurjya, an international chess player, has been criticised many a time for preparing for OCS as a blind. Instead of feeling low, he took the criticism positively and worked hard and prepared himself for the best. And result is here. 

OCS qualifiers Prachurjya, Prasanna and Prateek

Despite being 100 per cent visually impaired, Prachurjya Pradhan and Prasanna Panda have never let the impairment create a roadblock in their path of success. With their sheer determination and hard work, Prachurjya and Prasanna cracked the Odisha Civil Services examination 2020 conducted by the Odisha Public Services Commission. OTV gets candid with them who have become a source of inspiration for many visually impaired students. Similarly, Prateek Panda from Balasore Baliapal has cracked OCS examination with flying colours. Talking to OTV, the OCS toppers share their mantras of success. Here are the excerpts...

Prachurjya to OTV