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Vikash Sharma

The entire education system, which was badly hit during the Covid-19 pandemic situation across the country, is gradually coming to terms with the present day challenges.

Several State governments have now decided to reopen schools and the authorities are prepared to welcome the students back into classes. However, many parents are still reluctant to send their children to schools and are opting for online education till the Covid situation improves further.

Under the present circumstances, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to go for a training programme on ‘Hybrid Learning’ for teachers of its affiliated schools. Hybrid learning is where students learn through a combination of in-person and online activities.

“Central Board of Secondary Education, Microsoft Education and Tech Avant-Garde, Global Training Partner of Microsoft, have taken an initiative to educate schools on how to manage these uncertain times by training teachers on “Hybrid Learning,” the CBSE circular read.

As per plans, two from each affiliated school will be imparted training which will be conducted over a period of five days. The teachers attending this program should have basic knowledge of technology.

Once the teachers complete this training program successfully, they will be certified. Specialists on “Hybrid Learning” shall be available who could be consulted in the future.

This ‘Hybrid Learning Program’ will commence from November 15, 2021. The batches will be made according to the registrations.

The program will be conducted online, over a period of five days and the duration of the webinar will be of one hour thirty minutes each day. “The schools should fill in the enclosed enrolment form on or before November 5, 2021 to confirm their participation in the training program,” the circular added.

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