Rashmi Rekha Das

More than Rs 70 lakh was found missing from savings account of Sonepur College recently. The matter came to fore after IDP account of the bank got updated on Friday. 

Taking the incident seriously, Sonepur Superintendent of Police (SP) on Saturday began probe into it. 

It was learnt from the investigation that the fund was transferred to savings account of a resident of West Bengal through Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) on June 7. 

Acting on a complaint filed by college principal, Sonepur police registered a case and SP launched a probe into it. Higher Education department and additional collector have also been intimated about it.

According to the complaint, the college saving account had Rs 91, 44,378 from which Rs70, 42,900 was withdrawn through a fake cheque and transferred to West Bengal-based person.

Santosh Mohapatra, IDP coordinator, said, “We never transfer our funds into individual account. We came to a conclusion after police investigation that bank officials are completely involved in it. As we know cheques with overwriting are not entertained by the banks. But in this case, the bank approved the transfer of funds though overwriting was done on it."

Sonepur College Principal Rajeeb Lochan Acharya said “A racket may be behind the fund transfer. But we are not sure about it. SP is investigating the matter. So, we are hope truth will be out soon.”