Vikash Sharma

What would you do after someone tells you that he/she possesses some ‘supernatural powers’ and there is treasure hidden beneath your house or property? Well, many will fall victim to such claims and develop the curiosity to dig out the treasure.

The same thing happened with a woman in Cuttack and in the process, she was duped to the tune of Rs 62 lakh by one such ‘self-styled’ godman.

The victim came in contact with the godman, identified as Kaifi Khan of Kesharpur area, through one of her drivers. The victim, a 39-year-old woman was worried about the ill-health of her mother and suspected the presence of some ‘negative energy’ at her home.

It was during this phase that the victim got in touch with Kaifi Khan who subsequently visited her house several times. The accused self-styled godman told the victim that there was some negative energy and at the same time there was a hidden treasure in the house.

On the pretext of performing some rituals and digging out the hidden treasure, Kaifi took around Rs 62 lakh from the victim. The accused also handed over some metals, crystals claiming them to be gold and diamonds. The victim only learnt that she has been duped after she verified the metals and found them to be fake. Later, she lodged a formal police complaint in this connection with Mangalabag Police.

“The accused convinced the victim that he possessed some supernatural powers and to do some 'trantra' to take out the hidden treasure. Over the last one year, the victim had given the accused access to her house. By the end of all this, the accused had duped her to the tune of Rs 60 to Rs 62 lakh,” said Cuttack DCP, Pinak Mishra.

Mishra further said that the accused had invested the money looted from the victim to set up a mobile store. He had also bought two luxury cars and a bullet.

“During the house search of the accused, we have recovered over Rs 2 lakh, some metals, crystals, two cars, over 70 high-end smartphones and other valuables,” said Mishra.

The DCP further said that a detailed investigation will be conducted on the financial aspect, and to ascertain the involvement of other persons in the crime.

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