Mrunal Manmay Dash

Radhe, believed to be a close aide of the main accused Gobinda Sahu, has been arrested and forwarded to the SDJM court today. The arrest comes after hours long custodial interrogation of the prime accused.

Earlier, during the interrogation, Sahu revealed about Radhe's role in the pit digging that was meant to bury Mamita's body. Reports say the trench was made ready 48-hours before Mamita was killed. It is believed that Radhe has been in the knowhow of Mamita murder, and both were working in tandem to destroy the evidence.

The Big Missing Link

However, when sources inform that the Bolangir police in order to make a foolproof case against the prime accused, are going to make two other detainees - Pushkar Bhoi (JCB driver) and Munshi Gupteswar Tandi - government approver, the big missing piece evidence in the case has been non-recovery of the deceased lady teacher's mobile phone.

The mobile phone is considered the vital evidence in the case as it will unravel the victims call details to a list of person/s.

A search for the deceased victim's mobile phone has been launched. Both the DIG and SP, Bolangir, have visited the crime spot - the Mahaling stadium - from where the body was exhumed. The Police have also used metal detectors to trace the mobile phone but in vain.

Though the murder been a pre-planned one has already been revealed, and with the case acquiring a political hue, all eyes are now on the evidence gathering exercise of the Bolagir police.

Interestingly, when reports suggest that Gobinda Sahu has been singing like a parrot in police remand, the police remaining clueless on the deceased's mobile phone remains a riddle