Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

A farmer from southern Rayagada district in Odisha allegedly fell prey to ATM fraud and lost Rs 40,000 in Bhubaneswar. The victim has been identified as Jayadhan Gauda from Kashipur.

As per reports, Jayadhan came to Bhubaneswar to take part in ‘Krushi Odisha’ programme, organised by the State government, to learn new agriculture technology.

Jayadhan had invested money in agriculture by mortgaging gold ornaments in a bank. Rest of the money was in his bank account. His brother, who is in Kerala, also sent him Rs 6,400.

When Jayadhan went to check the amount in an ATM near the railway station, a stranger offered him help. Impressed by his cordial behaviour, Jayadhan gave him his ATM card and PIN. However, the stranger took away Jayadhan’s original ATM tactfully and gave him a duplicate one.

On the next day, Rs 40,000 was withdrawn from Jayadhan’s bank account. The fraudster has reportedly withdrawn the amount from an ATM in Visakhapatnam.

“After taking part in Krushi Odisha programme and learning many new things about modern agriculture, I was returning to my village happily. Then I came to know that the stranger was a fraudster and he has withdrawn Rs 40,000 from my account,” said a crest-fallen Jayadhan.

“I have invested a lot of money in agriculture by mortgaging gold ornaments in bank. I was hopeful that I will get some assistance from the agriculture department. After the ATM fraud, I am penniless and helpless. I don’t know what to do now,” he added.