A Zero FIR of rape has been lodged with the Delhi Police against the son of a Rajasthan Minister for allegedly raping a 24-year-old woman of a different religion.

According to the information, the FIR was lodged against one Rohit, whose father Mahesh Joshi is a politician and a minister in the Rajasthan government.

The victim has alleged that Rohit has her obscene photos and videos which he recorded while she was unconscious.

"On 3 and 4 September 2021, I came to Delhi for an interview, Rohit had already reached Delhi. He booked a room for me in Hotel Smart and showed us as husband-wife. He promised me that he would marry me. After this he raped me on many occasions and filmed it. He had threatened me of dire consequences if I dared to spill the beans. He told me that he is getting a divorce from his wife and that he would marry me. On many occasions he thrashed me badly and forced me to dance. It was a huge trauma," the victim has stated in the FIR accessed by IANS.

Meanwhile, the police also came to know that Rohit had made an affidavit in which the victim has stated that both are major and make physical relations on their own will. The source said this might have been done in his defence because Rohit knew one day the girl would approach the police.

"I know Rohit and we both love each other. We have a physical relation. I know he is married, has a daughter, and is getting divorced. In future if we fight on any issue then we will not take legal action against each other," read the affidavit of the victim accessed by IANS.

The Zero FIR has now been transferred to the Rajasthan Police for further necessary action.