Vikash Sharma

The Commissionerate Police on Monday arrested a producer on charges of cheating a lady assistant professor by promising her to sell a house. The accused, identified as Ajitabh Malick, had allegedly duped the lady assistant professor to the tune of Rs 75 lakh.

The accused was arrested based on the complaint filed by the victim at Khandagiri Police Station, Bhubaneswar on March 25, 2023.

“I had come in contact with the producer through one of my friends. Later, he showed me a house at Housing Board area and told me that it was for sale. Somehow, I managed to arrange the money and even provided some gold ornaments as I was interested to buy the property,” said the victim.

The victim further informed that as everything happened during the Covid-19 pandemic, it was difficult on her part to verify the documents and other aspects.

“After no house was registered in my name, I started demanding my money and gold ornaments back. However, the accused and his family members started threatening me,” the victim added.

Senior police officials said that based on the complaint filed by the victim, the accused, who happens to be a producer, has been arrested. “The accused had also handed over some cheques to the victim which had subsequently bounced,” the police official added.

(Reported by Alok Mohanty)