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Mrunal Manmay Dash

The Dhenkanal Sadar Police nabbed three robbers at Bhojadeipur near Sadashivpur in the district while they were on the run after looting an ATM cash van near Athgarh on Monday.

The Police recovered Rs 1.05 crore cash from them. However, one more robber managed to give the slip to the police.

As per reports, Rs 1.29 crore had been loaded into the cash van at the Ankula branch of the State Bank of India in Athgarh in morning. The cash was to be filled in dispensing machines at various ATMs in the locality. The miscreants allegedly targeted the van while it was on its way to fill cash at the third ATM in Tigiria after filling two ATMs in the town.

The driver of the cash van said that a white car in which 5-6 miscreants were travelling stopped the van at Khuntakata and threatened him and other staff with firearms and other sharp weapons.

The miscreants then hijacked the cash van from them and fled after assaulting the security guard and a bank staff. After driving towards Dhenkanal, they abandoned the cash van in a deserted place and decamped with the cash.

On being informed, the Dhenkanal Police gave a dramatic chase to the fleeing robbers and apprehended them near Bhojadeipur. Their arrest led to the recovery of a portion of the stolen cash.

The injured bank staff and security guard have been admitted to a hospital, while a Ahunt has been launched for the absconding accused and recovery of the rest stolen cash.

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