Vikash Sharma

The officers of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) in Delhi have thwarted attempts to smuggle gold and silver from Hong Kong. The DRI officials intercepted seven consignments of Electric Current/Potential Meters declared as Current Guiaor Machine, which had arrived from Hong Kong at the Foreign Post Office (FPO), New Delhi.

The electric meters were found to be functional with genuine populated circuit boards. How It Was Busted? After preliminary examination, the electric meters appeared to be unusually heavy.

As per a PIB report, the outer covers of these 56 electric meters were painted black. On scratching the black paint of these covers, white-colour metal was noticed, similar to steel. However, analysis by spectrometer revealed that these covers were made of alloy of gold and silver, roughly in the ratio of 30:70.

“A total of 56 electric meters were imported in these eight consignments. 56 back covers of these electric meters containing 16.67 kg gold and 39.73 kg silver, having an approximate market value of Rs. 10.66 crore have been seized,” the report said.