Vikash Sharma

Bolangir Police has cracked the mystery surrounding the death of a man whose mutilated body was recovered from his house at Salepalli village recently.

Police on Saturday arrested deceased Rinku’s brother Shankar Bhawani Meher on the charges of murder and chopping his body into eight pieces.

Senior officials said that Shankar, who was looking after the family, was fed up with his elder brother’s behaviour as he was always picking up quarrel with others at home. Recently, Rinku had allegedly assaulted his father with a hammer.

On May 14, the accused, Shankar entered into a verbal dual with his brother Rinku after the former had come home to take his belongings. After pushing Rinku, Shankar allegedly axed him to death and later chopped his body into eight pieces.

However, Shankar could not dispose of the body on the day of the incident. The matter came to light after neighbours alert the police after getting a foul smell from the house.

As the house was locked, it was broken in the presence of a Magistrate and the body stuffed in a bag was recovered on May 17. Today, police recreated the crime scene by taking the accused Shankar to the spot.

“The murder was due to the ongoing family feud. As the deceased’s father is hospitalised, no other member of the family was aware of the murder,” said SDPO Toofan Bag.

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