Pradeep Pattanayak

At a time when the murder mystery of Naba Das is deepening further with each passing day, Odisha Police Crime Branch conducted Polygraph test on the dismissed ASI Gopal Das, the prime accused, in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar on Friday. 

The investigating agency had taken Gopal to Gujarat on February 8. Today it conducted the Polygraph test on the accused at the forensic lab in Gandhinagar. Further, narco-analysis will be conducted. 

The Crime Branch has taken the prime accused on remand for five days. During these five days, the investigating agency will try to extricate everything about the murder from the accused. 

Even though it has been said that Gopal has admitted to have killed health minister Naba Das, but the CB is yet to ascertain why he did so. In order to get the motive, the CB is reportedly conducting these tests. 

On the fateful day on January 29, ASI Gopal Das was deployed at Gandhi Chowk for traffic management as Health Minister Naba Das was scheduled to attend a programme nearby. At the scheduled time, Naba Das reached the spot in his vehicle. As he was alighting from his car, his supporters rushed to welcome him. Gopal Das too came close to him. Before anyone could understand anything, he opened fire at the Minister.


(Reported by Alok Mohanty, OTV)