Mrunal Manmay Dash

The public transport system in Bhubaneswar, Mo Bus seems to have become a happy hunting ground for the pickpockets and looters. In the latest instance, two students were looted of their mobile phones while travelling in a Mo Bus between Vani Vihar square and Palasuni square on Thursday.

As per reports, one girl student boarded a Mo Bus (Number 16) from Ramadevi College in Bhubaneswar while another got on the same bus from Vani Vihar square. They both had their scheduled arrival at Palasuni. But before they could reach their stop, they were looted of their mobile phones from their bags.

Later, they both lodged complaints at police station. However, the police are yet to make any arrests in the case.

It is pertinent to mention here that there has been a sudden spike in theft, pickpocket cases in the Mo Bus in Bhubaneswar. As Durga Puja has come closer, the public transport system is witnessing an unprecedented rush of commuters making them easy prey for pickpockets.

On Wednesday (yesterday), a cancer patient travelling in Mo Bus, from Baramunda to Cuttack was subjected to pickpocket during journey. A thief stole Rs 15,000 cash from his pocket meant for his cancer treatment. Though the police paid visit to the spot after complaint, the miscreant is yet to be nabbed.

Similarly, miscreants looted at least two mobile phones from the passengers of Mo Bus in Bhubaneswar last Friday. Though police took action after getting information, the looters could not be nabbed.

The incidents of pickpockets are on a rise in Bhubaneswar. Despite the police claiming to have kept things under control, the recent spike in pickpockets incidents in ‘Mo Bus’ has kept the commuters on toes.