Pradeep Pattanayak

In an incident straight out of a Bollywood thriller, a woman duped a man of his saved money after spending five years as his wife following an affair. 

The matter came to the fore after Sushant Behera, 32, a resident of Sadar block in Puri, lodged a police complaint and knocked on the court’s door for justice. In his complaint, he has alleged that he has been receiving threatening calls. 

According to his complaint, Sushant, a taxi driver, runs his taxi on Blue Flag Beach. One day, a lady, whom he later knew as Subhashree Behera of Jirakandi village of Chandanpur in Puri, asked for a lift. During the journey, they exchanged mobile numbers. Later, they developed a relationship which ended in their marriage at Batamangala temple, in presence of Subhashree’s mother. 

They then started living together in a rented house at Sudarshan Nagar in the holy town. 

However, Sushant was not aware of her past history. It was when he came to know about her that it was already too late. In 2021, Sushant came to know that Subhashree had already married Prahallad Pradhan of Tala Nua Sahi. They (Prahallad and Subhashree) have a son as well. 

“One day, while asking for money she suddenly divulged that she has a son. And she was asking for money for her son’s birthday party. Upon inquiry, I came to know that she had married someone prior to me. By that time she had already taken Rs 5 lakh from me,” said Sushant. 

Now, leaving him alone, Subhashree has gone somewhere. 

While urging his fellow taxi drivers and others to always maintain a safe distance from such women, Sushant has demanded stringent action against Subhashree.

Sushant had lodged a complaint at Puri beach police station and later took the matter up with the SP. After not getting any response from the police station and the SP, he filed a petition at Puri SDJM court, demanding justice.