Rashmi Rekha Das

People who watch Hindi movies are familiar with highhanded behaviour of the police slapping people in the name of managing law and order. This time, police are seen meting out atrocities on poor people at Jeypore in Koraput district.

According to sources, seven families have been residing at a government plot at Puruna Gada under Jeypore headquarters area after building huts on it. Jeypore Town Inspector in-charge Sanjay Mandal allegedly threatened them to vacate the area without serving notice. In the video, the inspector was seen threatening like anything to leave the area.  Also, the police officer was seen in the middle of a bitter argument with hapless people.

As per the law, local tehsildar should send notice to people residing on government land before vacating them with the help of police. Instead of doing so, local police are threatening them to vacate the area without serving any notice. 
However, police officers were unavailable to make comments on this issue.