Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

The Berhampur Police on Saturday claimed to have solved the case pertaining to the hijack of an ATM cash loading van Aska Road in Ganjam district on August 18. The miscreants had allegedly looted Rs 24 lakh from the vehicle.

Giving details about the detection, officials at the Golanthara police in Berhampur said that as many as three persons including the driver of the van, Asish Diggal, have been detained in connection with the hijacking and loot. Huge amount of cash has been recovered from them, police said without specifying the recovery amount. 

Sources in the police said that the driver of the van was the mastermind behind the hijack plot and subsequent loot from the vehicle.

“The driver of the van had hatched the plot for the loot. Further questioning of the detained persons in this connection is underway,” said a police official.

According to reports, the van belonging to cash logistics firm AGS Transact Technologies Ltd was allegedly hijacked by three miscreants when the vehicle was on its way to load cash in ATMs. The driver was rescued in an unconscious state after the vehicle was traced by the Golanthara police.

Earlier, the driver along with three other staff of the cash loading firm had driven off to load Rs 26 lakh cash in the dispensing machines at various ATM kiosks in the morning hours. After loading Rs 2 lakh at an ATM, the van proceeded to another ATM kiosk when the vehicle was allegedly hijacked along with its driver.

When the staff at the firm found the vehicle and the driver missing, they informed the Golanthara police which subsequently traced the vehicle. The police found the driver in an unconscious and the cash missing.