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Sharmili Mallick

The pandora's box of contractor-cum-President of Sunshine School Managing Committee and key accused in Mamita murder has been out. More skeletons - murder to land grab - seem to have tumbled out on Sunday.

Motilal Nayak, a retired headmaster of Mahaling High School, has today alleged that Sahu and his associates had killed his daughter way back in August last year (2020). He charged Sahu as the main conspirator of his daughter’s murder.

“With proper planning, Sahu killed my daughter in 2020. She was killed by being run over by a tractor. My daughter died on the spot. Though I approached many political leaders, ministers and local police station, it was to no avail. He (Sahu) managed to suppress the case. I am well aware of all his illegal works. He could do anything against me,” he alleged.

"I went to the local police station, higher officials, human rights commission, the then law minister and, even, CM Naveen Patnaik. But nothing happened,  Sahu was an influential person and he managed to push the matter under the carpet," lamented the former principal of Mahaling school.

Nayak said I went into depression after my daughter’s murder and demanded a death sentence for 'criminal' Sahu.

Meanwhile, Shantanu Kumar Singh, a resident of Kadobhata village near Mahaling in Kalahandi district, has accused Sahu of illegally occupying around 1.27 acres of land from his total land of 2.32 acres ( bearing Plot numbers- 647, 648, 649 in Khata Number- 168 at Kadobhata Mauza), in three phases.

Calling Sahu a fraudster, Singh alleged that Sahu cheated him and his son by making a lucrative offer of good jobs plus paying Rs 2000 per decimal land. But paid them Rs 30,000 instead of Rs 2.40 lakh - the entire amount for 1.27 acres of land as per the deal. 

“He promised me to pay Rs 2,000 per decimal but he just paid Rs 30,000 after registration of the 1.27 acres of land in his name. When I asked the remaining dues, he threatened us with police action,” Singh alleged.

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